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Father, Army Veteran, MBA, Author

This site is my hub for my social and written content on leadership, career, veterans’ issues, and life.

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9/12/01 is the Day My Life Really Changed

9/12/01 is the Day My Life Really Changed

Originally posted to Medium July 2001 — My first trip to NYC. Photo taken by my mom, the amazing photographer who made me a unicorn with the State of Liberty. I was very conflicted yesterday, just as I am on most anniversaries of 9/11 over the last twenty years....

My Personal Take: No Other Expected Outcome in Afghanistan

My Personal Take: No Other Expected Outcome in Afghanistan

Kabul — former Soviet Officer’s Club near Darul Aman Palace Originally posted on Medium My final day in Jalalabad, November 2013 I deployed to Afghanistan three times as a DoD civilian intelligence officer from 2012 to 2015. Is the news out of Afghanistan...

Military Transition – My Story

Military Transition – My Story

Originally posted on LinkedIn Bottom Line Up Front - Every job I've had since the military involved networking, luck, and knowing what I wanted to do. If you skip to the end, I highlight my key lessons. I didn't have a typical transition from the military. I was...

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About Lewis

I’m a divorced father of three middle/high school students, NCAA Division III athlete (Augsburg University Football, Track & Field),  Army veteran (two combat tours to Iraq), former Federal DoD Intelligence Officer (three tours to Afghanistan), Darden MBA (University of Virginia), author (Life After Loyalty), and current commercial strategy manager with Fluke Corporation, a Fortive Corporation operating company (see LinkedIn). 

Life After Loyalty

A War Writers’ Campaign Novel

The emotional costs of the War on Terror on the lives of the U.S. service members and their families will likely take decades to fully understand. So many Americans who have directly supported combat operations in Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11 came home changed. Life After Loyalty explores the often lesser visible effects of deployment on combat support personnel, the ones who may not believe their experiences were traumatic enough to warrant attention. The ones who believe their general lack of excitement and motivation after returning home is just a normal part of readjustment. Most importantly, Life After Loyalty explores how these subtle changes can wreak havoc on family and life satisfaction for those that have served.

Topics & Values


I love helping veterans and fellow alums find meaningful work, become better leaders, and develop in their careers. I do this primarily through LinkedIn networking, but also through career-focused articles typically published via LinkedIn and Medium. I’m currently a regional sales manager with a Fortune 500 company working through corporate rotations to (hopefully) become a general manager/VP one day. I love leading teams, using field insight and data to make tactical and strategic business decisions that benefit all stakeholders, and trying my best to make everybody I work with love their job a little bit more!

Veteran Issues

I’m dedicated to supporting military veterans and those considering a stint or career in the military. I do this through networking, one-on-one meetings, phone calls, articles, posts, and volunteering with Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs). I’ve also authored a book, Life After Loyalty, detailing my experiences with PTSD. I’m a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). I’ve also finally donated to Stop Soldier Suicide and Mission 22.

Apraxia (Dyspraxia)

My oldest son suffers from a little known verbal and motor functioning disorder called Apraxia, which usually first presents as a ‘late talker’ or ‘late walker.’ I was formerly on the board of the Cherab Foundation and am available to any parent that has questions about this disorder. If your child is a late talker, learn more by reading this book – The Late Talker.


Local Community

I’m highly loyal to my local communities to include my hometown of Hayward, WI, my long-time home of Charlottesville, VA, where I currently split my time between Albemarle County and my other home in Richmond, VA. In Richmond, I serve as the President of the North Barton Heights Civic Association, in Northside Richmond’s Brookland Park neighborhood.


I’m an ally. I have a gay best friend and a transgender child, and I’ll continue to advocate, support, and defend their rights and privileges as I do all Americans. 

Racial Equality / Diversity

As a Korean-American, I grew up being called ‘chink’ and ‘gook’ and know what’s it’s like to be viewed as different from my peers. I won’t claim discrimination has held me back from educational or career goals, but I am committed to helping our community better understand one another through empathy, telling each others’ stories (all sides of the racial and diversity equation), and cooperation. My dream is one day we never have to ask if a person is male/female/white/Black/Asian/Gay/Straight… and that those terms are as irrelevant unless we are are enthusiastically learning about their upbringing, beliefs, ethnicity, or culture. Until that day, I want to part of the American discussion on culture and diversity.