Wandering Veteran: Lewis Nelson

I’ve had one of those weird lives where through a mix of luck and risk-taking, I’ve had some amazing–and sometimes tragic–experiences and met some great people along the way. I’ve authored a bookplayed college football, travelled the world, flown (and jumped from) an airplane, climbed to the top of 10,000ft-high mountains, taken wine-tasting classes, lived the small town, country, suburban, and downtown city lives, learned foreign languages, experienced the miracle of child-birth first-hand three times, played musical instruments and in a few bands, partied with celebrities, advised senior U.S. and foreign government and military leaders, consulted small business owners and non-profits and helped them with multiple websites and social media campaigns, navigated the complex world of parenting a special-needs child, and now tackling the complex world of business school! But despite the past, I generally just see myself as a father and friendly person that loves my family, friends, and community. If you’re looking for my professional resume, see http://www.lewisleenelson.com or connect with me via LinkedIn. img_5009